An innovative online program using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia.

With the largest evidence base of long-term sleep improvements among all online insomnia programs on the market.


How It Works

The National Institutes of Health and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommend Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) as one of the first treatment choices for insomnia. Unlike medications, CBT-I helps people overcome the underlying cause of the sleep problem, and the beneficial effects of CBT-I typically last well beyond the end of therapy.

SHUTi is based on CBT-I and is organized into six structured, weekly online sessions. Each week you will:

  • Complete a 45-minute interactive learning module
  • Enter brief daily online sleep diaries
  • Use the techniques and strategies you’ve learned in SHUTi to improve your sleep behaviors, thoughts and habits
  • Receive personalized sleep recommendations and feedback

SHUTi has been proven in multiple research trials to be highly effective in helping individuals who are experiencing sleep difficulties. Research participants:

  • Fell asleep over 40% faster, typically in under 20 minutes
  • Reduced their time awake in the middle of the night by 55%

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6 Structured Weekly Sessions

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Personalized Feedback

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Activities to Improve
Your Sleep Behaviors

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Helping you improve
your Sleep Thoughts

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Character Stories & Expert Videos

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SHUTi can be completed in a little as 5 weeks. Get started today and put yourself on the path to better sleep.

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SHUTi is designed to be similar to an effective in-person session with a sleep therapist – but from the privacy of home.Learn more
In multiple randomized clinical trials conducted at a major university, SHUTi provided lasting sleep improvements. Learn more
SHUTi analyzes your unique sleep patterns to provide you with feedback and personalized sleep recommendations.Learn more
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A step-by-step approach to help you sleep better.

SHUTi, or Sleep Healthy Using the Internet™, was created by a team of international experts, including Dr. Charles Morin, ranked as one of the world's leading insomnia experts.
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What Customers are Saying

My results can easily be described as a “life changer.” I am now in control of my sleep, able to stay asleep for seven to eight hours each night, and the dread of insomnia no longer follows me throughout the day. Best of all, I feel that I now have a toolkit of sleep strategies with me at all times. In the event that insomnia sneaks back in again, I can face it with the confidence that I now know what to do to bring my sleep back into balance.
Amber D., 3 Years of Insomnia
The content of SHUTi is meaningful and accessible to a wide audience. SHUTi cured my insomnia within about 4-5 weeks of starting the program. It has now been several months since I started the program, and I have not had a return to my previous insomnia.
Anonymous, 5 months of insomnia
I really feel like SHUTi taught me how to sleep. I am now Ambien-free and sleeping better than I have in years. Great program that I would recommend to anyone with sleep problems.
Michael G., 15 years of insomnia

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